Courage, Compassion, Marine


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The heroism of Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jimmie Dyess is a story for the ages. I highly recommend this book to young people looking for a positive role model, for veterans of all the military services and for those who love history.

Sergeant First Class Sammy Davis,
Medal of Honor recipient

The story of Jimmie Dyess is both remarkable and unique. He earned the Carnegie Medal for extraordinary civilian heroism when he was a teenager. Sixteen years later, he received the Medal of Honor as a result of his heroism in combat. No other individual has received both awards. This book not only tells the Dyess story, it examines the dimensions of heroism.

Walter Rutkowski
President, Carnegie Hero Fund Commission.

The pattern of the life of Jimmie Dyess was remarkable: an Eagle Scout, a recipient of the Carnegie Medal and the Medal of Honor. Herein you will meet a man of valor and benevolence with a fundamental commitment to service above self.

Medal of Honor recipient, Hal Fritz,
President, Congressional Medal of Honor Society

For his extraordinary bravery in the rescue of a drowning woman, Clemson undergraduate Jimmie Dyess received Americas top civilian award for heroism, the Carnegie Medal. Sixteen years later, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Dyess led his battalion into combat. He went behind enemy lines to save four wounded Marines. The next day, Dyess was shot and killed. For his exemplary valor and leadership in combat, he received the Medal of Honor. May Jimmie Dyesss life of service and self-sacrifice be an inspiration to all.

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