Building Your New Home in Belize, the Good, Bad and Ugly


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A detailed description of the two years it took to build our house here in Maya Beach, Placencia Peninsula, Central America. The process is so much different than building in the U.S., Canada, or anywhere else for that matter. I give you details of every aspect of the building, from purchasing raw land on a beach, to "move-in day". Difficulties building, getting supplies, hiring a contractor, to appliances and landscaping.From finding a qualified experienced Realtor to a qualified Architect and most importantly a Builder/Contractor with experience, his own full-time crew, and his own heavy equipment.I discuss how important a "real" contract for your home build is, written by a Belizean Lawyer because laws are different here.Being here in Belize is important, or if here part-time, having someone you trust here to watch over things is.How to pay, what to pay for, and when is another thing I discuss, and how not to get screwed (this applies to the choice of a "builder alto".You will be surprised at what you can get here in Belize for your house, and what you can't. Things like stainless steel hinges and other parts, necessary if you are living anywhere near the Sea, with all the salt air.Septics and drinking water is another important topic I will discuss.As I looked all over the popular places in Belize to live, I give you my opinion of each location and the plus/minus of each.I wish someone had written this book before I started because I would have loved to know then what I know now.If you thinking or planning to build a house in Belize, you need to read this book. I guarantee you, though everything that I experienced hopefully won't happen to you, enough will to make this worth reading.

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