China as a Leader of the World Economy


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Pt. 1. Economic institutions. ch. 1. Introduction: an overview of China's economy. ch. 2. Three important players of China's economy. ch. 3. Is Chinese capitalism different? ch. 4. Economic planning in China. ch. 5. Role of economists in China's economic development. ch. 6. Free to choose in China. ch. 7. Chinese and American economic institutions reflecting cultural differences. ch. 8. Outflow of capital and China's diplomacy. ch. 9. Economic relations between Brazil and China. ch. 10. India's model of rapid economic development. ch. 11. Will the Russian economy grow rapidly? ch. 12. Comparing economic developments in Taiwan and mainland China -- pt. 2. Economic issues. ch. 13. Problems facing the Chinese economic system. ch. 14. Directions for economics education and research in China. ch. 15. Important lessons from studying the Chinese economy. ch. 16. US housing bubble and economic downturn. ch. 17. Will consumption expenditures in China increase rapidly? ch. 18. From Guangzhou Opera House to issues of economic development. ch. 19. Lessons from the current American great recession -- pt. 3. Economic policies. ch. 20. How to improve university education in China? ch. 21. How to manage a university well? ch. 22. How to improve the efficiency of state enterprises? ch. 23. Carry out the open door policy further. ch. 24. How to stop inflation in China? ch. 25. How to solve the problems of China's inflation and the American recession? ch. 26. China's aging population. ch. 27. China's environmental policy: a critical survey -- pt. 4. Quantitative economic studies. ch. 28. Note on a model of Chinese national income determination. ch. 29. Lessons from studying a simple macroeconomic model for China. ch. 30. Shanghai stock price movements reflecting China's globalization. ch. 31. Co-movements of Shanghai and New York stock prices by time-varying regressions

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