Organizational Culture in Educational Institutions


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The concept of culture closely refers to a wide scope of effects on how individuals act in a group, an institution, or a public place. Chiefly, it covers a range of universal ideas, beliefs, values, behaviors, criterion, and measures which may be both explicit and implicit. The study on organizational culture has gained much attention among scholars in many areas of study, just like in educational field. Institutions have a model of behavior--a series of beliefs, attitudes, traditions, perspectives, principles and dogmas. The culture of an institution, which has a thorough effect on the performance, determines arrangements, decisions, human resources, and individuals' response to circumstantial challenges. Since the features of organizational culture are complicated and hard to assess as a terminology, a qualitative research design is commonly used for the studies on organizational culture. Yet, several research studies have displayed that it is quite possible to work on organizational culture by employing a quantitative research design. With all these in mind, based upon both quantitative and qualitative research designs, the purpose of this research is to determine the perceptions of the directors and staff of educational institutions on the organizational culture of the schools they work at. In order to obtain information on the mentioned aspect, a questionnaire and an interview were administered to primary, secondary, middle, and high school managers and their personnel. The findings of the study suggested a spectrum of perspectives on the mentioned terminology.

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