Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning


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Leading the Way is designed to help school and system leaders-both professional development- and instructional leadership-focused-to support educators and students in the assessment process. This detailed, practical guide, formerly titled Leading the Way to Making Classroom Assessment Work, describes indicators of successful assessment practice and ways of supporting teachers in the classroom, and provides examples of how leaders have modeled assessment for learning to colleagues and students in their school communities. This book includes ways to: Build the foundation for assessment for learning Begin with the end in mind Describe success and quality Collect reliable and valid evidence of learning Involve learners (students and adults) in assessment for learning Collect, organize, and present evidence Communicate about learning to a range of audiences Evaluate and report to others This book is jammed with examples. It offers a practical approach to the challenges of meeting traditional evaluation standards while assessing learning. The companion book in this Leaders' Series, Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessments Practical Guide, addresses the challenges faced by educators in the midst of necessary change, and offers suggestions and solutions for implementing the assessment for learning process at all levels-from district to classroom settings. The Leaders' Series complements the bestselling book Making Classroom Assessment Work. Book jacket.

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