SiC Materials and Devices


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After many years of research and development, silicon carbide has emerged as one of the most important wide band gap semiconductors. The first commercial SiC devices OCo power switching Schottky diodes and high temperature MESFETs OCo are now on the market. This two-volume book gives a comprehensive, up-to-date review of silicon carbide materials properties and devices. With contributions by recognized leaders in SiC technology and materials and device research, SiC Materials and Devices is essential reading for technologists, scientists and engineers who are working on silicon carbide or other wide band gap materials and devices. The volumes can also be used as supplementary textbooks for graduate courses on silicon carbide and wide band gap semiconductor technology. Contents: SiC Material Properties (G Pensl et al.); SiC Homoepitaxy and Heteroepitaxy (A S Bakin); Ohmic Contacts to SiC (F Roccaforte et al.); Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diode (J H Zhao et al.); High Power SiC PiN Rectifiers (R Singh); Silicon Carbide Diodes for Microwave Applications (K Vassilevski); SiC Thyristors (M E Levinshtein et al.); Silicon Carbide Static Induction Transistors (G C DeSalvo). Readership: Technologists, scientists, engineers and graduate students working on silicon carbide or other wide band gap materials and devices."

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