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Sexuality is as much a product of culture as it is of nature. It is not simply a matter of biological or psychological 'drives' or of genetic imprinting. The most important sexual organ is between our ears. Sexuality has both a history and a sociology. Drawing on a range of theoretical approaches, including the analysis of Michel Foucault, Sexuality provides an indispensable, comprehensive introduction to the social and cultural understanding of sexuality, discussing its cultural and socio-historic construction, its relationship with power, and the state's involvement in its rationalization and regulation. This fully revised edition brings the debates up to the present, and examines the subjects in terms of contemporary social, moral and political issues, and features new material on AIDS, queer theory and the influence of postcolonial theory on the study of sexuality. This new edition confirms the classic status of the book, and engages with the central issues for our understanding of sexual life. Book jacket.

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