From Vick-Tim to Vick-Tory


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Far beyond detailing NFL star Michael Vick's conviction for dog fighting, his prison sentence, and comeback, Kenneth N. Robinson raises important issues concerning the way race and deviance are treated in America. His book offers a critical analysis of the broader sports culture of the NFL and its dominant alliance, including the media, corporate sponsors, and the politics of the state. The book examines differential treatment by race and how this pertains to Vick, when compared to high-profile whites in the NFL (i.e., Ben Roethlisberger and Bill Belichick). In addition, the harmful impacts of negative labeling show the detrimental effects of Vick being typecast as the face of animal cruelty. Not only did the strong social reaction have a deleterious effect on Vick's criminal case, but following the police raid of his home in Smithfield, Virginia, on April 25, 2007, the number of African-Americans arrested for dog fighting increased disproportionately by race from the five years prior. This makes them the only group to see a percent increase in their arrests and convictions in the five years that preceded and followed the April 25th raid of Vick's property. This data raises serious questions of selective enforcement by race. "Overall, the strength of this work lies in Robinson's unique analysis of Michael Vick's fall and rise. I don't think I have ever described an academic work as creative, but each section of this book is just that - innovative, original, and inspired. I say this because of the specific comparisons that Robinson utilizes (i.e., dog fighting to bestiality; Vick's treatment to Roethlisberger's; the NFL to China), which have never previously been discussed so thoroughly and sophisticatedly, but are undeniable in proving the point that racial discrimination is alive and well in America." - Adrienne N. Milner, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham (About the Author) Kenneth N. Robinson, M.S., is an adjunct professor of sociology at his alma mater, Buffalo State, in Buffalo, New York. Publisher's website: http: //

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