Adult Career Development


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This book of readings on issues related to adult career development was written for anyone who provides career services to adults (career counselors, human resource specialists, or graduate students in the field) and attempts to present ways for such service providers to help adults face and negotiate change. The book is divided into six sections examining: (1) theories and concepts of adult career development; (2) strategies and methods for providing career services to adults; (3) target populations; (4) settings; (5) training programs; (6) evaluation; and (7) future trends. In their articles, the 34 authors who have contributed to this book focus on specific theories, concepts, or models that they have found useful in understanding the topic they address; the relevant issues surrounding that topic; and the practical implications of these concepts and issues. It is noted that the book may be read from cover to cover or used as a reference for certain key issues and topics. (NB)

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