The Maritime Canal Of Suez

Reports of the United States Commissioners to the Paris Universal Exposition  1867  Examination of the telegraphic apparatus and the process in telegraphy  By S  F  B  Morse  Steam engineering as illustrated by the Paris universal exposition  By W  S  Auchincloss  Civil engineering and public works  By W  P  Blake  B  ton coignet  its fabrication  and uses  By L  F  Beckwith  Asphalt and bitumen as applied in construction  By Arthur Beckwith  Buildings  building materials  and methods of building  By J  H  Bowen  Mining and the mechanical preparation of ores  By H  F  Q  D Aligny  and Messrs  Heut  Geyler  and Lepainteur
Reports on the Paris Universal Exhibition  1867     Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty  Containing reports on oil  and other paintings  Sculpture  Architecture  Engraving  Printing and stationery  Applied art  Photography  Scientific apparatus  Furniture and decoration  Glass  pottery  and terra cotta  Plate  jewellery  and art metal work  Leather and fancy work  and perfumery